The Next Transition

The Initiative

The Global Visionary Forum has embarked on a grand endeavor, known as The Next Transition, with the objective of equipping individuals with the necessary acumen to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape characterized by the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, The Digital Economy and Diversity and Inclusion. The Initiative is a concerted effort to promote a sustainable future through the adoption of clean energy and the organization of industry in an environmentally responsible manner, with the ultimate goal of fostering a society that is equitable and just. The Initiative places emphasis on the incorporation of innovative technologies and practices as a means of constructing the global economy of the future, and is predicated on the future collaboration and cooperation of public and private entities, united in the pursuit of realizing the objectives of the initiative. 

"With this initiative in mind, we believe we can harness the knowledge of the future and successfully prepare to navigate the social, economic and political challenges the future generations will face." - Dylan Boehm 


The New Global Economy

The New Global Economy is the economic landscape of the future, characterized by the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the evolution of societal organization, and the advent of transformative governing philosophies. It encompasses the digitization and progressive global interconnectivity of economic systems, as well as the emergence of sustainable paradigms that hold the potential to usher in a new era of human progress. 

The AI Generation 

The AI Generation denotes the era in which the latest generation will coexist with Artificial Intelligence as global denizens. This future landscape will be characterized by a seamless integration of AI technology, augmenting human productivity and fostering innovation for the betterment of humanity. The AI Generation will be the vanguard of The Great Transition, assuming leadership roles and driving the implementation of this transformative initiative. 

The Next Global Cooperative 

The Next Global Cooperative pertains to the synergistic and ever-increasing interdependence and internationalization of the world. The Next Global Cooperative will be paramount in the execution of The Next Transition. The establishment and maintenance of a harmonious relationship between private stakeholders and governments will be an integral aspect of governance in The Next Global Cooperative.