About us

A brief History:

The Global Visionary Forum, established in the nascent days of 2023, was founded with the purpose of advancing the interests of society by promoting the adoption of evidence-based policies and fostering a Global Mindset among the future leaders of the business and political spheres through engagement and collaboration among the next generation of future leaders, with the ultimate goal of shaping a more prosperous future. 

The organization, which was launched by Dylan Boehm, Isabel Figueroa and Nicole Cabezas, has rapidly gained recognition for the excellence and rigor of its research and analysis, as well as the inclusive and participatory nature of its forum, which empowers members to actively contribute to shaping the future. 


Our Mission:

The Global Visionary Forum's mission is to mold perceptions on a wide range of issues, and its overarching objective is to cultivate a Global Mindset while devising initiatives that will enable humanity to confront its most formidable challenges directly. 

"We believe that by bringing together experts and future stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, we can develop innovative solutions to the pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges of our time." - Dylan Boehm 

Meet our Board of Trustees

Dylan Boehm

Co-Founder & Presdient, Global Head of Global Scholars & Forums

Isabel Figueroa

Co-Founder & Head of Climate Change, Human Rights Forums

Nicole Cabezas

Head of The Forum on Technology

Cherry Wang

COO, Global Head of Research


Professional Background