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Our Mission

The Global Visionary Forum is resolute in its commitment to endowing its members with the capability to capitalize on the contemporary advancements and ideas of our era, through the utilization of our distinguished experts and forum discussions as well as through comprehensive research and examination. 

We are unwavering in our aspirations to craft policies and to enhance the collective understanding of the most recent and disruptive technologies, with the ultimate aim of enabling decision-making among future leaders in the business and political communities. 


Innovation · Quantum Computing

Why EV Companies Should Pay Attention to Quantum Computing Technology now more than ever

Nicole Cabezas | January 15, 2023


Why we need to support DNI technology

Dylan Boehm | January 27, 2023

Innovation · Artificial Intelligence

How We Can Use AI to Restructure Society

Dylan Boehm | January 25, 2023


The Meta-economy

Dylan Boehm | January 27, 2023